Rocky was born in Shalimar, Florida March 16th 2002
Our boy Rocky came to live with us in Florida as a puppy and immediately became
 a very important member of the family.
Rocky and Kristinn became very best friends.
Kristinn and Rocky
Rocky, Kristinn and Adrienne
Kristinn, Adrienne and Rocky
Rocky was a very special boy, he loved his family and would have done anything for us.
 Always ready to play and wanted to be with us all the time.
Rocky and Adrienne
Adrienne and Rocky
He loved going with us to the park along with his friend Adrienne
His all time favorite thing to do was playing with ball, he would take a big basketball and run with it for ever, or bring to us a smaller ball, and put it in our hands to make sure we would know what he wanted, that could go on forever, he was so much fun and loved to play.
Never a dull moment with Rocky, but he was also very good boy and easy to be around,
 we loved that little boy so much.
Best Buddies, Kristinn and Rocky
No question Kristinn was his favorite person, there was a deep connection between the two.
With heavy heart and tears in my eyes, after all these years we must say goodbyes.
Please understand I did all that I could, if there was anything I could do, you know that I would. One last hug, one last kiss, you have no idea how much you will be missed.
So with heavy heart and tears in my eyes,
 just for now my dear friend we will say goodbye

March 16th 2002 - March 9th 2015
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